How to Get Things DONE!!!!

4 Dec


Productivity/Motivation Lesson and Exercise 1.

Hi everyone. I’ve noticed quite a lot of people say they struggle with procrastination/motivation/action etc. So, I thought I would post some exercises/ideas for people on here. This is also what I’m validating as a business, so…2 birds, 1 stone etc.

 The most common advice is ‘do one little bit at a time, just a bit, to build momentum etc etc.’ The principle is solid, but there are two problems with it:

1) The biggest problem that is faced is going from inaction to action (once you’re there, doing stuff is actually quite easy);

2) most problems or things that we need to get done often can’t get solved by one little bit. What is needed most of the time is 10x the action and momentum to get past the blocks and barriers we have. 

 To give my favourite illustration: if you went to the gym everyday and curled one bicep curl. when would you get big muscles? The answer is: NEVER!!! You need to do enough to overwhelm the muscle and force the change through. Intelligent force is the answer to most problems.

If we think about what we have done to build our businesses, learn a skill, whatever, the tangible amount of action we have taken could probably have been done in a tiny fraction of the time.

Many of our failures in life are, at the root, caused by not enough action in a short enough space of time. It’s kind of the principle of validating an idea. Do enough to validate within 48 hours, and by the end it’s either a failure or a success. Make sense? 

So, here’s the first lesson in this series: Most failures in life aren’t really caused by obstacles or barriers. The real cause is usually an inadequate magnitude of action, OR….a weak Ideal Scene. 

 By Ideal Scene, I don’t just mean a desired goal, and I don’t just mean an intention. An Ideal Scene is a SPECIFIC ideal of how you want things to look. Now, if this sounds too simple, please stick with me here: 

Having a clear Ideal Scene does two things: 1) It is a very useful diagnostic tool. It allows you to recognise where your reality is different from the Ideal Scene, and gives you a framework to diagnose and fix previously hidden sticking points (this is a more advanced lesson. but it is one of the most powerful tools I have) and, 2) a true Ideal Scene will COMPEL you into TAKING ACTION!!!

An Ideal of how you want things to look, and seeing where your current reality is different, will naturally shift your brain into action mode to morph reality into your Ideal. 

Momentum building comes into it (that’s the next lesson coming up and I’ll cover how-to in detail) but it’s momentum building into MASSIVE action. And it won’t work without an Ideal Scene. 

To illustrate my point with the exercise:

Pick an area of your life you are unhappy with. Got it? Now, get clear and specific on how you want it to look. Get an Ideal Scene that gets your pulse racing and your mouth watering. Done? Now, notice in what way your current reality differs from that Ideal Scene, and…notice that the departure from it is what causes the dissatisfaction. See that? That variation between the two is the key to overcoming all these motivation/procrastination blocks and doing far more than you previously have. 

It starts with the Ideal Scene. Post any realisations/comments/questions/observations here, and I’ll post up the next lesson soon. It’ll involve creating Ideal Scenes, and building momentum into the action you take. Exciting stuff, I promise!!!

Also, if you want to sign up to my email list for my ebook or want more tips like this, please comment below, and I’ll throw some more stuff out there for you, that is relevant to what YOU need!


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Kindle Book Out Now!

6 Jul

Hey all, 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had a couple BIG personal crises that have taken me out of the loop. 

But I haven’t been unproductive. 

No….I follow my own teachings 😉

So, I have taken a lot of my best ideas and put them together into a Kindle book. 

Now it IS based on a lot of the content on this blog, so some of the ideas may seem familiar, but there is some new gold in there, so if you are so inclined, please check it out! It’s as cheap as I can make it on Kindle. 

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Next-Level Personal Coaching Program

12 Jun

Do you want to learn how to crush through barriers?

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What goes on inside their heads? How do they see the world…

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Well, yes.

What is inner game?

The solutions are simple. All it takes is a change in mindset.

Stick with me here!

I hate that term too. I don’t mean ‘positive thinking’ or any of that other stuff. I mean fundamentally re-wiring your internal map.

Changing the way you see things until you see them the way you need to.

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Future Blog Content – What do YOU want help with?

4 Jun

Hey guys.

I get some great feedback on here, and I really appreciate it, but I have so much stuff I can teach you that I would really like to know what YOU – my reader – would like to see on here.

Please take two seconds to click the survey below. It won’t take any details from you, it will just register a click on one of the options. It will help me decide what you guys would like help with!


Learn How to REALLY Solve Problems.

1 Jun

Do you have a problem area in life that you just can’t seem to solve?

Everyone does. 

 – Maybe your business isn’t making as much as you’d like. 

 – Maybe your personal life…well, sucks. 

– Maybe you’re caught in a vicious turf war with a local drug kingpin after you punched his beloved son in a bar fight because he was wearing the same shirt as you. And now you sleep with a gun under your pillow and accidentally set it off last night and had to lie to the police and say it was just a firecracker. 

You know, stuff we all go through. 


Think of something you’d like to improve. 

Got it?

Good. Now go and fix it. I’ve already given you the tools you need. 

See you next time. 



Just kidding. You know I’d never leave YOU hanging. 


Now, I want to take this area and do some preliminary thinking about it. You see, it is surprising how many problems in life are caused by incorrect definitions. 


Incorrect definitions. When you don’t define things correctly, you lose sight of the actual core problem, and so you lose your ability to torpedo it. 

Bear with me while I explain. Let me give you the best example I can think of. 

Imagine a guy named Joe. 

Joe doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. But he’s young, and so one night, at a bar with his buddies, he spots a beautiful girl ordering a drink. 

He goes up to chat and tries to get her number. They chat awkwardly for a bit, and she gets her drink and walks away. 


I’d take a guess that a lot of what caused his problem was the fact that he went up ASSUMING that she wouldn’t want him there, that she would be offended or upset that he would hit on her, he was taking up her time, blah blah blah. 

His problem was incorrect definitions. 

He had defined the girl, in his mind, as an OPPONENT and not as a potential TEAM-MATE. 

So, when he walked up, the ‘game’ that he was playing was that he was going to try to convince the girl to do something she didn’t want to do. 

Every word he said, and the way he acted, communicated this assumption. 

Here’s where this relates to us. 


Your mind has an INCREDIBLE ability to distort what it sees, to make sure it fits into how you think reality is. 

If you assume that someone you know secretly dislikes you, everything they say to you will appear that way. Your mind will distort how they act so it fits in with your beliefs. 

It gets worse. 

Not only does you mind distort, it can also DELETE things if it seems counter to what you believe. 

And what are these beliefs based on? 

You guessed it….

DEFINITIONS. How you have defined and labeled the people and situations in your life. 

Let’s go back to our poor friend Joe, shall we? 

Not only did Joe make himself unattractively nervous when he talked to the girl at the bar, but he distorted what she said, so it fit in with his belief that she was totally against him from the word go. 

It gets worse. 

This bemused girl actually indicated several times that she like Joe. She thought he was cute. But poor Joe, because he was fighting an opponent, not playing with a team-mate, completely missed her signals. 

So she gave up and went back to her friends, hoping for another cute guy to come along. 


He didn’t know what I’m teaching you here. 

When you sit down and define the elements in your problem area, it can show you what your assumptions are. 

Had Joe done this, he would have realised that one of his ASSUMPTIONS was that women are opponents and not team-mates. 

He would then have realised that he could test whether that is true or not. 

Next time he sees a girl at the bar, he could go up and make an effort to play the ‘team-mate’ game, and see whether that works better. 

By defining the problem area correctly….

…you will learn what your ASSUMPTIONS are. 

And, because assumptions dictate our reality…


You will find out what is ACTUALLY GOING ON.

Doing this can yield dramatic insights. It won’t solve the problem instantly – I have already given you tools in this blog to do that (and more are on the way!) – but it is necessary and essential to efficiently and elegantly start to dissolve away your problems. 

More soon. 



The Ideal Scene, and how to become Alpha

28 May

When people think of Alpha males, what comes to mind?

Being Alpha has nothing to do with being a brute, or physically imposing, or demanding.


Those are the EFFECTS of being Alpha, not the CAUSE of it.

An Alpha Male has an Ideal Scene – a specific way he wants things to look – which he is firmly committed to, and he is willing to take responsibility to supply the mental effort, thought and action necessary to morph reality into his Ideal Scene.

You know how every self-help book under the sun talks about ‘goal-setting’ and ‘defining what you want’?

This is why. They get most of the way to the core truth, which is that you need to know what to aim for.

But we want the REAL reason why!

The real reason why is that having a strong Ideal Scene allows the Alpha to notice what is different in his current reality, and then begin to supply the thought and action necessary to begin to change it.

The Ideal Scene has to be STRONG and CLEAR. Enough to be firmly committed to, and to notice when it is not yet real.

So the first step – and our first task…


What we need to understand is that being Alpha is on a gradient scale.

Remember how we just said that the Alpha has an Ideal Scene, and a willingness to take responsibility to supply the action necessary to morph reality into that Ideal Scene?

Well, that’s on a scale. The Ideal Scene that you have is your area of control. If you have an Ideal Scene about how you want your desk to look, and you are willing to be responsible for it, that is your area of control.

Do the following:

Look at an object in front of you. It may be small like your phone or wallet or keys.

Now, in your mind, flash up a mental image of how it could be better. For example, is your phone angled a little to the left and could it look better if it was straight? Is the screen a little dirty, and in that little image you flashed up of how you want it to be better, could the screen be cleaner?

Whatever it is, take two seconds and move the object or change it to how you wanted it to look.


At that moment, you were at the top of the Alpha scale…in that area of control. You had an Ideal Scene, and you took responsibility to make it happen.

Here’s the key….

The larger the area of control, the higher you rate on the Alpha scale.

Now, why did I have you flash up the mental picture? That’s what it means to have an intention and an Ideal Scene. You see EXACTLY how you want reality to look in your area of control.

The most common mistake when people talk about this whole area of ‘goals’ and ‘visualizing’ etc is that they miss out the part about the ideal scene being connected to your area of control – your reality, where you can be responsible for taking action.

Lofty goals are good, but they have no connection to an area of control, and so you have a low-to-non existent level of control….

And you so rate LOWER on the Alpha scale!

So, as you may have guessed, there is a real, workable way to systematically become more Alpha by increasing the area of control on a Gradient Scale. You become more Alpha AS YOU LEARN THE SCALE!

There are subtleties to this that are too complex to teach in full in any kind of blog post. I’ve never taught it outside of private clients. Not because it’s ‘top secret’, just because it’s damn good!

I’ll put the outlines together for you, but I will most likely put the nuts and bolts together as a report/ebook to send to my email subscribers.

If people want this, though, I need to know. It takes a lot of work to set up to teach the scale.

If you are signed up to follow, that’s great, but please spread this around. If you like what I have to say here and you have a blog, I would encourage you to link to this page. No spamming or anything – I only give solid, workable content, but I’ll only invest the time if enough people tell me they want it.

Share the love!


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